Magento Update Attributes/Change Status For All Products/Multiple Products

Sometimes we will be in a situation to change status/ any other attributes  for all products or more than one product in Magento, there is an option to do this in Magento. But we always will be in hurry and do not have patience to check each and every options of magento. Here we go to do this with pictorial representation and step by step guide like all of our posts :)

Step-1 : Login to Admin and navigate to Catalog->Manage Products , Now all your products will list here.

Step-2 : Press Check All on left corner of the table view or select any multiple records from the table list


Step-3 : Now, you can find drop down with the label Actions on the right corner of the table list, in the drop down list, you can find Delete, Change Status and Update Attributes.

Step-4 : If you select Change Status, there will be a drop down with label Status will appear next to it, you need to choose Enables/Disables and press Submit button.


Step-5 : For Attributes to be update, Select the option Update Attributes and press Submit button. Now, a new window will open with the fields Name, Description, Inventory, Websites ….etc, you need to update the fields which you want to update.


Step-6 : Click on the Change checkbox below each field to update, and enter values on corresponding fields and press Save , you are done.

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