Magento Multiple Currency Support For Paypal

Magento by default supports Paypal. But Paypal will not support all currencies of Magento as of now, for E-commerce websites which has base currencies not supported by paypal has to change their base currencies to Paypal supported Currencies. I have implemented some tricks to work with non-supported paypal currencies and tested with PayPal Website Payments Standard, note that Paypal Express Checkout is not tested.

This article will help you to integrate Paypal with any currency as a default currency with the help of the extension(Available in GitHub) Paypal-Multi-Currency-Magento

Follow below steps to configure paypal multi currency support for magento

Step-1 : First download the extension Paypal-Multi-Currency-Magento

Step-2 : Take a backup of your website and install the extension(extract into magento root directory)

Step-3 : Login to Admin panel and clear the cache and go to Systems->configuration->Sales->Payment Methods, In the list of Payment methods look for “Paypal Multi Currency”

Step-4 : Update the following values

Enabled -> Yes
Merchant Email -> Enter your Paypal email address register with Paypal developer website.
Extra Currencies -> Select Your Store Base Currency
Checkout Currency -> Make it USD or any paypal supported currencies
Auto Calculate exchange Rate – No
Exchange Rate -> mention your exchange rate.

Refer below image for more understanding.


Step-5 : Now go to PayPal Website Payments Standard payment method above the Paypal Multi Currency. There select the following

Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account -> Enter Mechant Email here.
Enable this Solution -> Yes
Payment Action -> Sale

Step-6 : Press Save Config and check your front end, Paypal payment method will show in checkout

Step-7 : Proceed to Check out with Paypal, make a payment in paypal and come back to your website, now the order status will be “Fraud/Suspension“. If your status is completed/Processing, then you are lucky and double check everything is fine.

The reason for Fraud/Suspension , on saving invoice in magento, It will check Checkout total is same as amount paid, irrespective of currency. So Checkout Total may be AED 10 , but you paid USD 2.7, for magento the numbers are different, and hence it will update status as Fraud/Suspension. You could not simply change the condition, because that is Magento Core files and it is common for all payment methods and main reason, you could miss actual Fraud/Suspension case.

Read Paypal Setup For magento article to complete this integration, there you can find how to setup paypal for this integration and also, some codes available for Fraud/Suspension handling.


  1. I follow all instructions above but still I have paypal error : paypay gateway has reject the request

  2. Muhammad

    PayPal gateway has rejected request. Currency is not supported (#10605: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details). The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts (#10413: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details).

    Getting this error with Magento ver.

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